Automatic Systems presents ASLYNK, its interconnected supervision and control solution, at the INTERSEC exhibition in DUBAI

The ASLYNK™ solution offers an intuitive and secure control and monitoring interface for Automatic Systems equipment and is designed for both pedestrian and vehicle access control. ASLYNK™ is available on PC or tablet and allows multi-site remote control of your equipment for up to 500 lanes regardless of location.

The solution offers many features: setting of equipment operating mode (free, controlled, prohibited); remote supervision and control; remote diagnostics, maintenance and updates; access to history and statistics of passages, intrusions, frauds, alerts; planning of one-off or recurrent events (morning, night, peak hour); emergency exit command; multi-site management of up to 500 connected equipment.

Increased durability for your access control equipment

The connectivity of your Automatic Systems gates and barriers ensures essential maintenance is highlighted prior to any breakdown. The use of the remote diagnosis feature guarantees incidents are solved within a short time frame ensuring your equipment is at its optimum performance throughout its life cycle. System updates can also be performed remotely. ASLYNK™ improves your equipment’s life span and the return on your initial investment.

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