SlimLane 945 Twin / 945SC Twin

With its innovative and stylish design, the speed gateSlimLane 945 Twin swing door combine high throughput with best in class reliability, while providing a compact footprint in a dual passageway.

  • SlimLane speed gate is the fastest in the security entrance lanes category
  • SlimLane speed gate is the most secure and safest speed gate thanks to its locking features
  • SlimLane speed gate has best in class detection running along the whole lane and across the glass obstacles
  • SlimLane speed gate benefits from a unique open communication platform
  • SlimLane SC speed gate has the smallest footprint

Open and smart communication platform

  • Standard TCP/IP and USB connectors
  • XML/RPC software interface (webservices) allowing interoperability with access control systems
  • Embedded software providing real time monitoring and the ability to configure and maintain each lane locally or remotely via a simple web browser

Exceptionnal intelligence

  • Auto failure monitoring and automatic lane recognition mechanism for increased service time and improved bottom line
  • High processing capacity (ARM9) and high-density matrix of superior infrared beams (DIRAS) for dynamic, predictive tracking of users
  • Best in class electronic detection: anti-tailgating with shape recognition (for higher fraud deterrence)

Main benefits

  • Automation of pedestrian access control
  • Restrict access to secured zones
  • Employee and visitor Entry/Exit tracking


  • Reduced need for manned entrance
  • Meets safety standards (fire…)


  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Government buildings and institutions


  • Offices, headquarters and administrative sites
  • Schools, universities and colleges

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