RevLock 603

La serie RevLock de portes tournantes haute sécurité d’Automatic Systems offre un équilibre parfait entre le débit et la haute sécurité. Grâce à ses formes élégantes et à la transparence des éléments en verre, RevLock 603 s’intègre harmonieusement à tout environnement.



  • Light, modern structure featuring a large, glazed surface
  • Housing available in a number of RAL paint finishes
  • LED lights in the ceiling for an impressive and luxurious entrance
  • Thin canopy with integrated central rotating hub
  • Generally, doors can be mounted directly onto existing floor


  • Plastic seals and brushes on the 4 sides in compliance with European and NAM safety regulations
  • Electromechanical locking to withstand forced entry attempts
  • User safety ensured
  • Mechanical safety lock for overnight closing
  • Control panel for set up and control


  • Automated high-security pedestrian access control
  • Energy savings
  • Booth disassembled, in accordance with on-site installation requirements
  • The motor mounted above the canopy, is totally invisible and requires no structural work prior to installation


  • Full-height security doors
  • Bullet, vandalism and burglary resistant, fully compliant with industry standards
  • Unicity detection enabled by the combination of different technologies: weight sensor system and/or volumetric sensor control system


  • Immeubles de bureaux
  • Sièges sociaux
  • Sites administratifs


  • Hotels
  • Cliniques
  • Centres commerciaux

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