Automatic Systems veranstaltet regelmäßig Schulungskurse für all seine Produktbereiche in denen unsere Partner immer auf dem neusten Stand der Technik gehalten werden.

Unsere Trainer sind qualifizierte Ingenieure mit langjähriger Erfahrung bei Automatic Systems. Gerne geben sie ihre Kompetenzen und ihr Knowhow an unsere Partner weiter.

Unsere Schulungen umfassen :

1. Produktfunktion

2. Technische Eigenschaften

3. Nutzungseinschränkungen

4. Zubehör und Optionen

5. Demonstrationen und Tests

6. Wartungsplan und Lösungen für trouble shooting

7. Präsentation des Partnerweb Extranet und alle verfügbaren Inhalte

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In view of the strong demand for training and in order to maintain a high level of quality, the organisation of training evolves in 2020. This year Automatic Systems is organizing free sessions planned in advance. Here are the practical details.

  • Grouped into 5 themes (Vehicle | Pedestrian | New products | Road Blockers & Bollards | Booths)
  • Duration: between 2 and 3 days depending on the themes. The last day of training will be practical for field technicians.
  • 4 sessions per year (2 FR and 2 EN): 20 trainings organised in total.
  • The session is confirmed 2 weeks before the date if the participation is of minimum 4 persons and we accept a maximum of 12 persons.
  • Registration by email on
  • Registration fees will be charged for any absence or cancellation within 48 hours before the session.
  • Any other specific training on request on site or on our premises will be charged 1000€/day + expenses.

Here is the calendar for trainings Avenue Lavoisier 17, 1300 Wavre – Belgique.
According to the registrations, it is possible we relocate in our factory in France : 22, rue du 8 Mai 1945, 95340 Persan – France

Vehicle S8: 18-20 February
Pedestrian S12: 17-19 March
New products S18: 28-30 April
VSB: RB-RSB S20: 14-15 May
HSP: booths S22: 28-29 May
Vehicle S26: 23-25 June
Pedestrian S38: 15-17 September
New products S42: 13-15 October
VSB: RB-RSB S44: 29-30 October
HSP : booths S46: 12-13 November

We stay at your service for any further information request. Contact:

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