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AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS is a world leader in the automation of secure entrance control. The company has been designing and manufacturing pedestrian, vehicle and passenger access systems for nearly 50 years.




Founded in 1969, Automatic Systems has developed a unique know-how in the design of high-end obstacles, one-person detection and throughput management making it a brand renowned for the high quality of its products in terms of performance and reliability.

The company is part of the Bolloré group, assurance of a long-term investment strategy and stability for the company.

Our large worldwide business network includes offices and subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada and the United States, a vast international network of distributors and local partners, as well as 5 manufacturing plants (3 in Belgium and 1 in France, Canada) and 3 R&D sites.

  • Every day, more than 90 million people use Automatic Systems’ equipment worldwide.
  • Automatic Systems’ public transportation products are in use in 25 countries.

Automatic Systems strongly believes that a customer is a partner and a supply contract a long-term commitment to service and quality. Our products are designed to suit the purposes and requirements of our clients who can always rely on us.

At Automatic Systems we know that the only way to stay at the forefront of market trends and customer requirements is by innovating and mastering technology. That’s why we invest heavily in Research & Development and have highly advanced resources and expertise for all equipment components (mechanical, electronic, software, etc.).

Operating worldwide, we provide a network of sales, customer service and maintenance programs, technical support, spare parts and training facilities. Our partners have also privileged access to the full documentation of Automatic Systems via our extranet platform, Partnerweb.

Key figures of the Automatic Systems Group in the world:

References :

  • 7 international establishments: Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Canada and the United States
  • Direct commercial presence in The Netherlands
  • 3 production sites in Belgium, 1 in France and 1 production site in Canada
  • 200 000 units of equipment installed in 150 distinct countries
  • More than 25 countries equipped with public transport systems

Assets :

  • Universally recognized know-how
  • Highly specialized technical skills
  • More than 80 distributors in 5 continents.

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