Road blockers and tyre killers

Road Blockers and Tyre Killers are heavy duty and anti-terrorist hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) barriers that are installed at high-sensitive areas where unauthorized vehicle have strict restrictions for access. They are installed with an intention to block the roadways for vehicle passage and to obstruct the vehicle based attacks. The road blockers are mounted by excavating the ground surface and installing a shallow foundation. Some road blockers can be surface mounted. They can be lowered to clear the ground surface for vehicle movement and raised at an inclination to act as a barrier. The barriers have manual as well as automatic hydraulic raising and lowering operation. The road blockers can be crash rated and certified according to its capability of stopping and destroying the vehicles after the attack. These are installed at high security locations including military areas, embassies, government offices, etc. Other method used for hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) barriers consists of spike strips or tire killers. These “tire killers” allow vehicles to get out of certain areas while preventing vehicles from entering without being altered.

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Tyre killers


High-security tyre killer (2 to 6 m)


Manual tyre killers for cars (2 to 6m)



High-security obstacles (width 3,5; 4,5 & 5,5 m)

High Security


High-security antiterrorist obstacles (width from 2 to 6 m)


High-security antiterrorist obstacles (width from 2 to 6 m)

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