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For more than 50 years, architects from all parts of the world have relied on Automatic Systems equipment to manage access to specific areas of their projects. The Alto Tower in Paris or the Willis Tower in Chicago are some of the most famous and prestigious examples. In addition to the quality of the materials and reliability provided by state-of-the-art technology, architects appreciate the modern design and the possibility to customise the access control equipment to meet their clients’ needs. We know how satisfying it is for an architect to be able to customize the finish of a product that affects the everyday usage of a building so much.

This area is designed to facilitate the work of architects and industry professionals in their daily work by selecting useful content and sources of inspiration for their upcoming projects.

Are you looking for something different for your project?

SlimLane speed gate on the stairs

With the ever increasing demands in architecture and design the importance of adapting your products to meet any client’s criteria has never been so important. Automatic Systems has adapted to this ever evolving market and boasts a range of aesthetics and customisation options which will suit many, if not all demands. Morevoer, our engineering supported by the right technology combine to obtain the solutions that best meet our customers’ aesthetic proposals. Automatic Systems offers a range of customization options to tailor your barrier to the client’s corporate identity and integrate it fully into its installation environment.

Barriers Mercator

Our products are highly versatile and customisable so whether they are of a functional or an aesthetic nature the wide range of materials and finishes, outlined below, make our products suitable for any kind of building, be it ancient or contemporary.

Discover the customisation possibilities offered by Automatic Systems.

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BIMobject is the global marketplace for the construction industry, that provides architects and engineers with the information and inspiration they need to design better.  A BIM object is a 3D model based on real world data. Made with an architecture software (Archicad, Revit, Sketchup, Allplan, etc.), it includes not only the geometrical characteristics but also the technical and structural specifications that identify a product. A BIM Obect can be incorporated from the early design phase and be made available to customers.

Our speed gates and barriers are available in 3D BIM format at BIM Object catalogue in order to help you plan and visualize your projects.



Partner Portal


Partner Portal of Automatic Systems

Designed to meet the needs of our clients and partners,

AS Partner Portal is a download platform providing our registered partners privileged access to a full range of Automatic Systems documents such as user manuals, preventive maintenance programs, parts catalogues, and much more.

Partner Portal for Smartphone

Our new Partner Portal is mobile compatible and is therefore accessible anywhere and at any time. We have also enhanced it with a large collection of installation photos of our products, as well as other marketing materials.

The AS Partner Portal is reserved exclusively for our customers and partners. To request an account, you will need to register on the new platform and wait for the validation of our team.

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Architect or engineer team discussing a project design using blueprints and a laptop computer at the office before visiting work site.

Created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Automatic Systems had come up with the perfect solution to view all of its products in virtual mode, thanks to its brand new 3D immersive showroom. It enables visitors to take an in-depth tour of an elegant lobby and an external showroom. On display are the various series of pedestrian and vehicle products ranging from discreet and elegant swing gates, to high-security barriers. Specifically, showcases include theFirstLane entry level speed gate, SlimLane swing obstacle speed gate, SmartLane retractable door speed lane, TriLane turnstile, TRS full height turnstile, RevLock revolving door, and ClearLock Series security booth. Regarding the vehicle products, it is possible to see in action the BL15 and BL227 parking barriers, the BL 229 universal barrier, the BL261 toll barriers, the BL4x series and the RSB Road Blockers and the RB bollards.

barrier showroom

This Web-based Virtual Showroom can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a PC. You simply sign in, using the language option of your choice, and can then easily navigate your tour using the mouse. The gates open-up, allowing the visitor entry into that specific showroom. Once inside, a detailed dropdown menu is also accessible that provides detailed information including product features, applications, descriptions, technical specs and dimensions.

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Austomatic Systems augmented reality app

For the complete digital experience, Automatic Systems also offers you its augmented reality mobile app which allows you to simulate the integration of its products in your own real environment. The  application allows to make augmented reality simulations with the main Automatic Systems products. Thanks to the measuring system, you can calculate the dimensions of the surfaces and get a realistic preview of your projects. You can also save your simulations in specific folders and use them to illustrate your projects

The augmented reality app is available for IOS and Android systems. Download it for free!

Download our augmented reality app on apple store Download our augmented reality app on Google Play
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Approved RIBA CPD Presentation

Secure Entrance Control looks at:

  • How you access the security risks within a building
  • Determining what type of pedestrian entrance control you need whilst taking into account the current infrastructure
  • Product choice – types of products that can be installed depending on the risk requirement (low to high)
  • Implementation and integration of security equipment into building design – different product choices depending on the level of security required
  • What safety features and code compliances we must follow

To book please email or visit – Automatic Systems UK & Ireland CPD materials –



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