Perimeter Access

Automatic Systems has a wide range of barriers to provide access control for your site. In accordance with the number of passages expected and the level of security demanded, we can provide all specific requirements for your installation.

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Full-Height Turnstiles

TRS 372

Full-Height Turnstile
Dual passage

TRS 371

Full-height Turnstile
Single passage 4 sections

TRS 370

Full-Height Turnstile
Single passage

Vehicle Barrier


High performance
Up to 6 m

BL 52

Extra-Long Vehicle Barrier (up to 14m)

BL 53

Reinforced arm
Extra-Long - up to 8 m

BL 43

Reinforced arm
Up to 6 m

BL 41

Up to 12 m

BL 15

Vehicle Automatic Rising Barrier (up to 4m)

BL 10

Casual Traffic Accesses (up to 8m)

BL 40

Up to 8 m

Fenced Barrier

The security barriers are equipped with robust mechanisms and booms that are resistant to vandalism and forcing attempts. They are therefore recommended for all sensitive sites where a high level of security is required.

BLG 77

Fenced barrier - Up to 6.15 m

BLG 76

Fenced barrier - Up to 5 m

BL 47

Fenced Barrier with rigid security bars - Sensitive security profiles (max. 4.35m)

BL 46

With folding fence
Up to 7 m