Research & Development

Priority on innovating and mastering technology.

Automatic Systems invests heavily in Research and Development. We know that the only way we can design high performance equipment adapted to the needs of our customers is by innovating and mastering technology.

Automatic Systems R&D’s goals include:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Influence future products
  • Better serve the markets

Engineers and technicians in our Belgium, France and Canada R&D centers create and commercialize products in keeping with our continuous improvement strategy.

Their daily mission is to:

  • Design new Automatic Systems products
  • Improve efficiency of existing products
  • Adapt equipment to specific customer needs
  • Understand new technologies and test new materials.

Our commitment to stay at the forefront of market development, customer requirements and technology has led us to develop highly advanced expertise for all equipment components (mechanical, electronic, software, etc.).

Our brand is recognized worldwide for the quality of our products, in terms of performance and reliability, our unique know-how in the design of high-end obstacles, one-person detection and throughput management.

With highly advanced development in the field of single-user detection and access control, Automatic Systems is able to design new equipment intended particularly for the immigration control and high-risk security markets.

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