Pedestrian Products

Automatic pedestrian entrance control provides :

  • Uncompromising, top notch security to ensure user safety
  • Efficient pedestrian traffic management
  • Savings on operating costs

Automatic Systems products deliver all this, plus tremendous reliability.

Download our overview table:

Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod turnstiles offer dissuasive automated access control for sites with heavy use. This is simple, economical and compact equipment.

Security Entrance Lanes

Security Entrance Lanes provide a high level of bidirectional entrance control without compromising user safety. Their modern yet discreet design fits right into corporate or public environments.

Swing Gates

A true complement to security entrance lanes, the swing gates complement any facility that requires wide access in order to facilitate emergency egress or accommodate the mobility-impaired, deliveries or bulky objects.

Full-height Turnstiles

Mainly used to lock down the perimeters of enclosed outside areas, our full-height security turnstiles ensure single-user throughput and are extremely weather-resistant.

Security Doors

Security doors offer the most powerful solution for physical and electronic security of automated entrance control.

Options & Accessories

Automatic Systems supplies accessories, will make necessary adaptations and comply with special requests to ensure that the solution provided is entirely suited to your environment.