High Security

Sensitive sites such as military sites, nuclear plants, high industrial risk factories…demand a high level if security. For these applications, Automatic Systems provides vehicle security barriers such as high-security bollards and blockers that enable you to protect your site, while selectively authorizing the passage of authorized vehicles

Vertical lift or Rising barriers

The barriers are installed to control the vehicle access at the entrances of the secured location. They have a vertical or rising (pivoting) movement to allow or restrict vehicle access by covering very wide roadways.


Bollards are vertical post installed for controlling or directing vehicles in areas including traffic gates, playgrounds, roadways, malls, parks, landscapes, pathways, and toll booths among many others.

Road blockers and tyre killers

Road blockers are heavy duty and anti-terrorist barriers that are installed at high-sensitive areas where unauthorized vehicle have strict restrictions for access.

Options & Accessories

They are plenty of accessories or options accompanying the bollards, blockers or barriers
The accessories are integrating access control or signalization


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