1969-2019: Automatic Systems celebrates its 50th anniversary!

On 17 June 2019, Automatic Systems will celebrate its 50th anniversary. We look back at this industrial success story.

Did you travel on the metro today? Park your car in a public car park last weekend? Pass through a departure gate or a toll lane during a recent trip? Go through an access corridor to reach your offices or pass through a turnstile when entering your favourite fitness club? Automatic Systems has been supporting all these everyday actions for 50 years, and continues to work for your security on a daily basis, worldwide.

Automatic Systems will celebrate its jubilee within days of the moment everyone will be marking the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first step on the Moon, as well as the first victory of Belgian cyclist Eddy Merckx at the Tour de France. For it was on 17 June 1969 that Michel Coenraets, an industrial engineer and businessman from Walloon Brabant, created Automatic Systems and marketed his first automatic barrier gates.

Over five decades, the Wavre-based company has become a key global player in the access control sector. The company currently sells its products all over the world. Automatic Systems is today part of the Bolloré Group and has over 400 employees, with international offices and subsidiaries in Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, and the United States plus five production sites in Belgium, France and Canada.

This celebratory year will include many different events, activities and stories featuring the company’s employees and businesses that work with Automatic Systems, to be held in a number of different subsidiaries.