Dachser, a satisfied client for more than 12 years

Dachser, one of the world’s largest logistics networks

For more than 12 years, Dachser Belgium has used products from Automatic Systems and is completely satisfied. Dachser is an international company and has one of the biggest logistics networks, with over 400 sites in 44 countries. It notably offers warehousing and transport services. The Belgian subsidiary, Dachser Belgium, makes 1.19 million shipments and transports 536,600 tonnes annually..

Protecting people and goods, a daily challenge for industries

Industries form a complex ecosystem, which combines continuity of service operation and profitability with high security requirements. They have faced numerous changes in recent years, while security needs are constantly increasing and evolving. Increased security, to ensure the protection of people and property, has become the top priority. As an international warehousing and transport company, Dachser is fully aware of the security requirements of its customers. Dachser warehouses and transports third-party products. So it’s essential to guarantee the quality of shipments and optimum security of goods.

Automatic Systems has been a long-term choice

Over the years, the two companies have built a relationship that is firmly based on the quality of products and service. Dachser Belgium has relied on Automatic Systems products for its security for more than 12 years.

Dachser optimises its security with BL52 perimeter barriers and turnstiles from the TRS range

Automatic Systems advised Dachser to install BL52 perimeter barriers with a grate, for controlling the individual passage of trucks, in order to check access to the buildings on its site. The first BL52 barriers were installed in 2007. These barrier gates are designed to control the passage of vehicles for medium and wide accesses. The barriers support skirts or signalling accessories. Equipped with an articulated grate, the perimeter barriers can close an access (up to 6.5 m), making it impenetrable for vehicles and for pedestrians. They are suitable for intensive use.

Furthermore, Dachser selected a turnstile from the TRS range to check that only staff are passing through at the entrance to the building. The checks cover approximately 600 passages per day. They provide simple and effective automatic access control, without guards, via a badging system.

Excellence du service après-vente d’Automatic Systems

Dachser Belgium is very satisfied with Automatic Systems’ products, especially its maintenance service. Moreover, Dachser has long been a supplier for Automatic Systems for the road transport of its products in Europe.

Tom Verheyen, General Manager of Dachser Mouscron, said “We are highly satisfied with this supplier/client collaboration, which has worked very well for years. It is based on great mutual respect and transparent communication.” Automatic Systems’ products are perfectly adapted to the logistics sector. The BL52 perimeter barriers and TRS turnstiles from Automatic Systems have enabled Dachser to optimally secure its large site, stored goods and the employees working there.

The BL52 barriers secure an opening of up to 6.5 m long and they open upwards, reducing the space to be secured compared to sliding barriers. Their automatic opening allows a faster passage and is suitable for intensive use.

By using Automatic Systems products, Dachser has noticed an improvement in productivity and time savings at its site, which has to handle the passage of a hundred trucks a day.

Moreover, the responsiveness of Automatic Systems’ team maintenance is especially appreciated by Dachser.

Dachser Belgium recommended installing Automatic Systems products in other branches of the company, especially at its six sites located in France (Combronde, L’Ain, Marseille, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Wissous), and will continue to invest in these products.


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