Partnership based on common values

Full-Height turnstiles PMR

Founded in 2013 in Warsaw, ASYTECH markets and installs access control solutions for vehicles and pedestrians. One of Its founders and director Marek Petniakowski has had confidence in Automatic Systems’ equipment for more than 10 years and sees great potential for development on the Polish market. The two companies share the same values based on the quality and reliability of their solutions over the long term. Mr. Petniakowski calls this “install it and forget it!”
He also particularly appreciates the design and robustness of the pedestrian gates, and in particular the SlimLane model. “At one of our customers in Warsaw, on the ground floor of the famous Q22 office tower, in five years we have counted more than 11 million passages through the SlimLane corridors, and only one malfunction, only one, which is remarkable, it shows the high reliability of the product.”
“Automatic Systems’ pedestrian products offer an innovative design and can be adapted to all situations. They follow the latest architectural trends, so they are very appealing to the Polish market.”
In addition to the pedestrian secure access lanes, in the vehicle market, the BL15 type barrier is the most sold by Asytech, it is reliable and robust and therefore very popular as well.

High detection performance

SmartLane speedgate installation in Polandd

Mr. Petniakowski also emphasizes the performance of Automatic Systems equipment in terms of detection: “We won an important project at the headquarters of the largest Polish insurance company, because we were able to meet the client’s high requirements in terms of fraud detection, including the detection of ‘tailgating’ thanks to Automatic Systems’ DIRAS infrared technology. After numerous real-life tests carried out with the security managers on the SlimLane 940 speedgate, we were chosen for the level of detection that was far superior to the main competitors’ products. They were not able to guarantee the unicity of passage as precisely as with the SlimLane gate. This was not the only case where the detection quality was decisive.”

Reliable Automatic Systems’ team

BL 15 parking barrier

“The high availability of the customer support team allows us to respond to any type of request in record time. Our account manager at Automatic Systems does everything possible to help us.” Mr. Petniakowski adds: “The new sales support tools proposed by the Automatic Systems marketing team are very useful and innovative: the new Partner Portal, for example, is very well designed. I was positively surprised.”


One of Asytech’s clients – the Mennica Legacy Tower in Warsaw – recently received the prestigious International Property Award – Best Commercial High Rise Architecture EUROPE, for its outstanding architecture and design. “After many meetings and demonstrations, we convinced the developers and the Chicago-based architectural firm Goettsch Partners to choose high-quality access control equipment. Our proposal was based on Automatic Systems’ SmartLane, with a full stainless-steel finish. The result is magnificent and we would like to think we contributed to this success, alongside other contractors such as Altest and Warbud and investor GolubGethouse who put trust in us.” Asytech has secured many other iconic towers and office complexes in Warsaw, including Q22 Warsaw, Warsaw Spire, Generation Park Tower, Royal Wilanów, Copernicus Science Centrum, among others.

Automatic Systems in short:

To conclude, could you describe Automatic Systems in one word? “I prefer to use two: Reliability and reliability! Reliability of the products, and reliability of the AS teams! ”

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asytech and automatic systems, a solid partnership in poland

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