Automatic Systems launches the TriLane for the global market

Automatic Systems launched in late September its brand new ‘TriLane’ tripod on the international market at the Security Essen trade fair in Germany and at the GSX trade fair in the United States. The TriLane is an innovative development of the tripod turnstiles in Automatic Systems’ range of pedestrian products. Enhanced end-user comfort is guaranteed, thanks to its new compact and robust design, advanced motor system, detection of fraudulent activity and LED pictograms.

New features of the TriLane


The TriLane offers a number of unique and practical features that make it easy for the client to use and manage, while enhancing end-user comfort. Thanks to a 235-mm wide housing, the TriLane is the narrowest and most compact turnstile on the market and it neatly fits into the architectural landscape. Extremely robust, it is designed for interior and exterior use and has an IP44 protection rating against water and dust.

The Trilane is built to detect fraudulent activity such as jump-over and crawl-under: this system prevents any misuse. Another major innovation is its advanced motor system for resetting the arm. This technology offers twin advantages. Firstly, the motor supports the user’s movement, for example enabling children and older people to move more easily through the turnstile. Secondly, in the event of an alarm or evacuation, the manager can remotely reset the arm, with a single control.

Finally, the TriLane is fitted with highly intuitive LED pictograms in white, green or red. These respectively indicate if the turnstile is active, and whether or not a person’s badge is recognised. The TriLane efficiently supports the high throughput of users. It offers automated and secure access control for busy sites such as leisure centres, schools and universities, shopping centres, as well as offices and factories that require a ‘medium’ level of security.

The TriLane is being launched worldwide and will be available for sale from October 2018.

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