Market leader in external security

B&G was founded in 1963 in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, and is among the market leaders in external security, focusing on fences, barriers and gates. The company has its own production department, and offers sales and installation of third-party products, like those of Automatic Systems. B&G has been active on the Belgian market for over 50 years, with 30 years in collaboration with Automatic Systems.

B&G is solely aimed at the B2B market. B&G installs fences and gates for public authorities, ports, prisons, chemical companies and other major industries. Jan Gerieke, Director of B&G in Belgium, said: “B&G has long been a key player on the Belgian market. Among our largest projects completed was the Port of Antwerp, where we fitted fences and required safety devices. Furthermore, we handled the external security for three of the most recent prisons built in Belgium.”


A lasting partnership

B&G has its own production department, but in Belgium the company also mainly offers products from Automatic Systems. Jan Gerieke said: “We are very familiar with the brands active in the field of external security. If our external Belgian customers are looking for barriers and turnstiles, we always recommend Automatic Systems’ products. Automatic Systems is a Belgian company and a renowned brand in our sector. Its products are known for their high quality.”

B&G offers its clients a complete service, from sales to technical support, plus installation and maintenance. Automatic Systems also attaches great importance to its client service. “In addition to its quality products, Automatic Systems’ technical support is one of its strengths,” noted Gerieke. “The team in charge of Automatic Systems’ technical support is always on site at our clients’ premises.”

B&G favours working with established partners with whom it can build a long-term relationship. “Lasting partnerships are the ideal solution for us,” said Gerieke. “There’s a good reason why Automatic Systems has been our partner for many years. We know its products, as well as its teams. So we can say that the collaboration is particularly smooth…. Automatic Systems knows what our clients need. This is highly satisfying for us and for our clients: most of them who choose Automatic Systems become loyal clients. They are especially looking for good value for money, and that’s exactly what Automatic Systems offers.”

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