ClearLock – Security without compromise!

Security airlocks from Automatic Systems prevent unauthorised access

In response to the increase in terrorist attacks security expert Automatic Systems has developed the Resistance Class RC3 secure airlock doors, ClearLock 635 and 656.

Companies, especially those in the legal and business consultancy sectors and data centres, have a duty to keep their data secure. As a result, security measures to protect buildings and control access come sharply into focus. With the two security airlocks in the ClearLock range, Automatic Systems offers state-of-the-art physical separation. The mode of operation is very simple; the outer and inner doors are locked against one another so it is impossible to pass straight through unless the evacuation function is activated. Deliberate misbehaviour or manipulation is prevented by a weight sensor incorporated into the floor of the airlock.

The ClearLock range offers a further security benefit in combination with the overriding access control system’s anti-passback function. Passage through the airlock is registered by the access control system thus preventing dual use. Depending on the security level, the systems can be fitted with metal detectors, which can for example check cases for prohibited items. An attractive appearance is an important aspect of all security features: the ClearLock range blends harmoniously into the design of any entrance or other area of the building. As installation does not require modification to the building fabric, the floor and other parts of the building remain intact. Even relocation is not a problem as the security airlocks can be easily and cleanly dismantled and reassembled, saving time and money.

About Automatic Systems

Automatic Systems has been designing and manufacturing pedestrian, vehicle and passenger access systems for over 45 years. Our product portfolio complements Security Entrance Lanes, Swing Gates, Tripod Turnstiles, Full Height Turnstiles, Security Doors and Detection Units, Parking, Toll and Perimeter Rising Barriers, Extra-Long and Security Barriers, Rising Fenced Barriers, Rising Bollards and Road Blockers. The company has a global presence, with subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North America, as well as a vast international network of distributors. Currently, there are more than 90 million daily users of Automatic Systems equipment worldwide. Automatic Systems is a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group.