DIRAS V3: High-performance infrared detection for heightened protection

How can infrared be used to detect attempted fraud with greater precision?

Automatic Systems has launched its DIRAS v3 (Detection Infra Red Automatic Systems) on the global market. This new infrared detection system enables our equipment, such as the SlimLane or FirstLane, to detect attempts at fraud with unparalleled precision.

The innovative functionalities of the DIRAS V3

DIRAS v3 consists of a high-density matrix of infrared emitters and photoelectric receptor cells. Combined with the predictive algorithm developed by Automatic Systems, the DIRAS photo cells enable our equipment to detect attempted fraud with greater precision.

The advantages of this innovation are, on the one hand, the higher range of detection (up to 1800 mm between the emitter and the receptor) that makes it possible to expand the lanes, and on the other hand, a significant reduction in the interference caused by light. The DIRAS v1 was introduced after the creation of SlimLane in 2011.

DIRAS is a detection technology exclusive to Automatic Systems.