Incomelec and Automatic Systems

Covering Colombia and part of Latin America

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Located in Bogotá, Colombia, Incomelec has worked with Automatic Systems since its foundation 15 years ago. Incomelec has grown steadily to become the representative with the highest added value and the largest presence of projects executed in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Incomelec, due to its amazing adaptation to local markets, has achieved special projects and clients such as Metro de Medellín, Transmilenio, Airports of Bogotá and Medellín, the tallest buildings in Colombia, the most important universities in Colombia, the longest tunnel in Latin America, more 80% of the tolls in Colombia and more than 50 important parking lots in the region.

Comprehensive, robust, and market-adjusted solutions

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With the aim of offering a value proposal adjusted to current markets, Incomelec have decided to closely accompany clients throughout the design, supply, installation, and startup of complete solutions. In addition, it has a great added value in services, customer relationships and prices, which has served to position the brand even more.

Incomelec values ??the unique or differential characteristics of the products and passes them on to its customers in the application phase, but also, many times from the preparation of the specifications. This has helped solidify, maximize, and enhance Incomelec’s business performance.

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Latin America is a very specific market where the duty is to meet all the expectations of the different clients, which is why in several highly important projects such as Metros and Airports, Belgian products from Automatic Systems and its sister company Easier have been adjusted locally or internationally to meet the requirements. Several models of turnstiles such as TGH, TR-49X, SLIMLANE and SKYLANE have been customized for Incomelec.

On the other hand, to adjust the portfolio to each project, the wide range of products has been very useful since it has allowed us to aesthetically and functionally satisfy the expectations of our clients.

It is also a highly competitive market due to the local presence of several Brazilian manufacturers and the presence of Chinese manufacturers across the Pacific Sea, which has influenced Incomelec’s strategic decision to assemble locally its highest-turnover products and to be the only one distributor of the world in assembling locally the tripod TR-490 and TR-491 (Now TRILANE) to achieve to penetrate absolutely the entire market, competing with aggressive strategies but with the highest quality.

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Kris de Sutter, General Manager concludes: “the relationship with Automatic Systems is a perfect complement, we implement solutions that millions of people use every day, in which we need a manufacturer like Automatic Systems with the most experience worldwide, to provide us the most reliable and robust equipment; for Automatic Systems it is very beneficial because they are notably expanding their presence in a market as special and competitive as Latin America, through a partner like Incomelec that shows year after year sustained growth in all of its business units for the benefit of both companies ” .

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