Laserline and Automatic Systems: a strong partnership dating back more than 20 years

Covering the whole of Italy...

Based in Mezzago Italie, Laserline has been working with Automatic Systems since its formation 21 years ago. Laserline has grown over the years to become a key player specialising in security systems and access control. Laserline has made the strategic decision to cover the whole of Italy and all areas of business. Laserline supplies government ministries and municipalities, Milan metro, vaporetto docks in Venice and public toilets, as well as buildings belonging to private businesses, banks, gyms, casinos and many more. Its impressive client list includes Prada, Pirelli, Gucci, L’Oreal, Bottega Veneta, Carrefour, MedioBanca, Cattolica Assicurazioni, Poste Italiane, etc…

…with reliable products and complete solutions

In order to satisfy its ever expanding clients and offer something that the competition doesn’t, Laserline is committed to continuity which relies on offering a comprehensive service and reliable products. Laserline offers its clients complete solutions, from supplying the equipment right through to installation and maintenance. “We don’t offer our clients a catalogue, we want them to choose their products in any case, and that’s why we offer them a comprehensive solution and push service to the limit”, explains Giuseppe Di Giacomo, founder and president of Laserline. Establishing this strategic position takes time, but it is already bearing fruit, as demonstrated by the company’s results for the last year and a half. Laserline has managed to achieve this because the company understands the competition, and finds the best products on the international market at Automatic Systems. “It’s the reliability of Automatic Systems that gives us such fantastic opportunities,” he continues.

Automatic Systems offers a wide range of products, prices and functionalities to meet the needs of the constantly evolving Italian market, which Giuseppe Di Giacomo particularly appreciates at Automatic Systems. Since the partnership began, Automatic Systems has kept in close contact with Laserline to define its needs and consider the requirements and evolution of the Italian market, particularly when it comes to design. “Italy is a specific market, and it’s important to work as a team and share our opinions on how products should evolve. In that respect, the partnership with Automatic Systems is very positive. As well as this, the equipment manufacturer does everything it can to deliver standard products as quickly as possible. We need to stand out there too. Quick deliveries mean winning clients!” he concludes.

Thanks to the quality of Automatic Systems products at the cutting edge of technology, Laserline has managed to win over and keep its distributors and installers and continues to uphold the Belgian company’s reputation on Italian soil.

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