Driven by synergy and shared values

Founded in 2003, Neural Integrated Systems is an Indian high-end security systems provider. As a multi-product company and distributor in the field of IT & security, Neural focuses on premium-segment products for security – mainly in integrating access control and surveillance, including cameras, field access control, data storage devices and electronic access control equipment. Since 2004, Neural has made the strategic choice of partnering with Automatic Systems, company headquartered in Belgium. “We chose Automatic Systems because of its highly reliable and high-quality products as well as its advanced technology,” said Tarun Gupta, the company’s Founder and Director. “At Neural, we pride ourselves on our providing first-class customer service and customer satisfaction – which are both very important for Automatic Systems too,” explained Mr Tarun Gupta. He noted how Neural’ s Indian customers are great believers in foreign businesses having a direct presence in their country, as this reassures them that any questions they have or problems they face can be dealt with promptly. It is also important to note that Automatic Systems has a Regional Sales Manager, Mr. Ganesh R. Iyer, covering India and South East Asia based out of India. Tarun adds, “Direct presence of the Original Equipment Manufacturer makes a vast difference in creating a positive impression with the customers. Ganesh’s presence has had a great impact in boosting our market penetration endeavours”

Loyal customers

Today Neural works exclusively with Automatic Systems – whose premium products are today widely recognised across India for their high quality and reliability – for everything related to Physical Access Control. According to Mr Gupta, “Our customers using Automatic Systems’ products remain loyal to us for years and we have a high customer retention rate. As a joint force, in a partnership boasting lots of synergy, Neural and Automatic Systems have been extremely successful with all our customers in India.”

Automatic Systems offers an extensive range of secure access control equipment. While Neural provides both the pedestrian and vehicle access products from Automatic Systems, it has a greater focus on pedestrian products. “Our best-selling vehicle products are high-security products, mainly road blockers, and rising bollards. For pedestrian products, we are very successful with our anti-fraud and anti-tailgating products, namely the SlimLane and the SmartLane gates from Automatic Systems,

thanks to their advanced technology,” said Mr Gupta.

References among top companies across India

By tapping into the quality of Automatic Systems’ products and state-of-the-art technology, Neural has successfully introduced the Belgian manufacturer to its own end-users. As a result, and especially since 2010, Automatic Systems enjoys significant brand recognition in secure access control and an extensive presence across India. Working closely with Automatic Systems on numerous projects for more than 35 customers, Neural has installed and now maintains systems for many prestigious companies in India, such as:

  • Implementation of physical access control solutions with over 20 full-height turnstiles for Amazon.
  • Implementation of a solution comprising more than 200 pedestrian barriers, and 40+ turnstiles and also crash-rated Road Blockers for Deloitte for various facilities across India.
  • Implementation of 250+ SmartLanes and ParkPlus boom barriers and bollards from Automatic Systems for Reliance Industries’ projects including Dhirubhai Ambani International Convention and Exhibition Centre and JIO Head Office in Mumbai. Another significant reference is the installation of SlimLane gates at Antilia, the residence of, Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited.

Apart from these projects, Neural and Automatic Systems have also collaborated with leading Indian businesses such as, HSBC, HPCL, Legato Health and collaborated with leading integrators like Schneider Electric and ICD Security Solutions for projects like Barclays, Principal, Nvidea Graphics, and worked in many of the country’s largest cities.

Looking to the future, Neural has ambitions to grow sales by 20% every year, to increase market penetration on the Indian market for Automatic Systems’ access control equipment, and to expand more into markets outside of India. “We recently opened an office in Dubai to cater to the GCC Countries,” said Mr Gupta. He also highlighted the aim to add more blue chip companies to Neural’ s portfolio, and to increase Neural’s market share in vehicle products. “We have a real ambition to grow together with Automatic Systems in a way that is fruitful for both companies, because our partnership is what makes each other stronger,” he concluded.

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