Research Facilities and Data Centre Security

Every building requires a level of security. Whether it is high, medium or low risk is down to the individual business and what specific requirements they have.

When it comes to Research Facilities and Data Centre security the level intensifies due to the nature of what requires protecting and here both physical and network security is of the highest priority.

When looking at the physical aspect one needs to address the following factors:

  • External Security – protecting the outer perimeter of the building
  • Internal Security – protecting the entrances and interior of the building


The outer perimeter of your property is the first line of defence against intruders. In the case of Research Facilities and Data Centre security we would recommend the following:

obstacle escamotable

HIGH LEVEL SECURITY – Security Barriers, Road Blockers and Bollards

Security barriers feature powerful mechanisms and steel booms, able to resist vandalism and forced entry. These barriers are recommended for all sensitive sites where a high level of security is required.

Road blockers are generally installed at highly-sensitive areas where unauthorised vehicles have strict restrictions for access.  They are installed with the intention to block the roadway for vehicle passage.  The blockers are available crash rated up to PAS 68 and installed at high security locations such as data centres, military sites, embassies, government buildings and other security sites.

Rising Barriers are installed to control the vehicle access at the entrance of the secured location. They have a vertical or rising (pivoting) movement to allow or restrict vehicle access.  The barriers are capable of securing wide entrances and can be opened and closed much faster than powered gates, ideal for busy entrances.

Barriers are suitable for a variety of locations including data centres, research facilities, government infrastructures, military facilities and other high security locations.

Bollards are vertical posts installed for controlling or directing vehicles.  They are the perfect security solution for spanning wide perimeter entrances, being spaced at strategic points to prevent vehicles passing whilst securing the whole area.  The bollards are available in a number of operating configurations and aesthetic looks to best fit the customer’s individual needs.

Bollards are available crash rated up to PAS 68 in both fixed and rising options.


It is a common fact that intruders like to feel that they are in control when they enter a building and if they perceive there is a low risk of detection when entering then they are more inclined to try and access the site.  The best form of prevention is controlling the entry and channelling visitors into a defined area, i.e. reception.  Here you will be able to control this access point and reduce the risk of unauthorised entry.  Here the most common forms of protection include access control systems to control the flow of traffic into the building.

Here we would recommend:

HIGH LEVEL SECURITY – Portals and Full-Height Turnstiles

A portal or full-height turnstile offers you a very high level of security. This system is highly robust, and can often be seen in entrance lobbies or at the entrance to venues such as stadiums and high security sites. Both offer bi-directional throughput and are an ideal solution if you want to open your premises 24/7 with no or reduced security staff. This equipment provides very high automatic access control without human intervention.

TRS372 - Tourniquets de sécurité toute hauteur Automatic Systems

In this instance we would recommend Automatic Systems’ Clearlock 635 and 637, now certified to LPS 1175: Issue 8 security rating 1 to 3, approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).

SlimLane speedgates


A speed gate offers you an increased level of security. Available with swing or retractable glass doors, it ensures a fast and bi-directional flow of traffic. Unlike turnstiles, speed lanes can also offer a greater passage width, guaranteeing greater user comfort: for example, the lane’s width allows people with reduced mobility to access your establishment and allow maintenance teams to pass with a cleaning trolley. Moreover, this access control equipment with transparent glass can blend stylishly into any environment.

Unlike the tripod turnstiles, speed gates are fitted with specialist detection cells that will stop tailgating: an alarm will sound to alert staff and the lane will remain closed, blocking entry to unauthorised users.

In this instance we would recommend Automatic Systems Smartlane, SlimLane or our recently launched FirstLane speed gate.

FirstLane speedgate

Once through the inner perimeter it is important that the security level is maintained throughout the rest of the building.   Information kept in these buildings is of the highest priority and data breach would be very detrimental and damaging.  In this instance we would recommend speed gates to be installed in areas where security needs to be tightened.

By ensuring that all these levels of security measures from the outer perimeter to internal protection measures are met your business is at a much less risk of unauthorised entry.

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