FB C50_500-600-800

Urban or anti vandalism bollards (height 500, 600 or 800mm)

The FB C50 fixed bollards (or passive bollards) are devices capable of stopping a 3,5T vehicle at a speed of 32km/h (or 1,5T at 64km/h)


Technical specifications

Rated in compliance with PAS68:2013 V/3500(N1)/32/90
IWA 14-1:2013 V/3500(N1)/32/90
Impact resistance 250.000 joules
3,5T at 32km/h
1,5T at 64km/h
Obstacle height 500 / 600 / 800 mm
Obstacle diameter 275 mm
Foundation depth 300 mm
Fixed obstacle Non unscrewable / fixed into the ground

  • The operation can be signaled by LEDS on the obstacle.
  • Finishing: the bollard is available in painted steel and in brush or painted stainless steel.

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