High-security obstacles (width 3,5; 4,5 & 5,5 m)

The RSB C60SM road blocker (or wedge barrier) is a retractable automatic anti-ram device capable of stopping a 3,5T vehicle at a speed of 48km/h (or 1,5T at 80km/h). It is installed on the surface of a pavement guaranteeing the fixing of chemical anchors.


Technical specifications

Rated in compliance with PAS68:2013 V/3500(N1)/48/90
IWA 14-1:2013 V/3500(N1)/48/90
Impact resistance 400.000 joules
3,5T at 48km/h
1,5T at 80km/h
Obstacle height 500 mm
Obstacle width 3,5/4,5/5,5 m
Foundation depth Surface mounted
Rising / lowering speed 6 / 6 sec

  • In case of power failure, the obstacle can be lowered by a manual operation directly on the hydraulic pump.
  • The operation can be signaled by a banner of LEDS integrated in the housings of the obstacle. It can be synchronized with a rising barrier.
  • Finishing: the obstacle is aluminium grey (RAL9006) covered by a non-slip metal (option).
  • Activation: The hydraulic pump and the control unit are housed in the cabinets located in the both sides of the obstacle

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