High-security tyre killer (2 to 6 m)

TK AUTO tyre killers are automatic retractable devices capable of immobilizing a vehicle by puncturing its tires


Technical specifications

Obstacle height 500 mm
Thickness of spikes 20 mm
Obstacle width 2/3/4/5/6 m
Foundation depth 750 m
Rising / lowering speed 4 / 4 sec
Emergency Fast opening (Rising time) 1,5 sec
Hours / Days cycles 300/2000

  • In case of power failure, the obstacle can be lowered by a manual operation directly on the hydraulic pump. Additional options allow the automatic lowering of the obstacle OR to be lowered from a remote location OR to be raised and lowered (manual pump)
  • The operation can be signaled by a buzzer, traffic lights or a synchronization with a rising barrier.
  • Activation: The hydraulic pump and the control unit are housed in a cabinet which could be up to 30m remote.


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