The new TRS PMR security turnstiles is designed to ensure high-security access control and pedestrian traffic management and, at the same time, provide a hassle-free user experience.

The PMR safety door is designed for access by persons with reduced mobility. Totally autonomous and robust, this product is particularly designed to secure sensitive outdoor crowded sites, such as industrial plants, sports centres, commercial, office complexes, airports, power stations, amusement parks, military bases, car parks, etc.

The PRM door is bidirectional and available in a power or manually operated version. This design fits perfectly together with the TRS37x product line for side-by-side or remote installation.

Main Benefits :

  • Single-user, un-manned automatic access control
  • Designed for people with reduced mobility
  • Indoor or outdoor perimeter security
  • Safe, simple and effective equipment for demanding, prolonged use
  • Reduced maintenance and security costs
  • Long-term investment based on exceptional durability

Applications :

  • Industrial areas, logistics and building sites
  • Administrative buildings, schools and universities
  • Hospitals


  • Stadiums and sports complexes, amusements parks
  • Ports and airports
  • Military bases

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