InterLock 680

The high-security InterLock 680 booth is equipped with two manual opening, ensuring a high level of access control. It is particularly suited to public sites.



  • Control panel for set up and control
  • Energy savings


  • Doors mounted directly onto existing floor
  • Indoor, façade or outdoor installation
  • Elegant, thin canopy for integration into virtually any building, while ensuring passage height in excess of 2000 mm
  • Wide range of finishes (brushed or mirror stainless steel, various RAL colour paints, obstacles in tinted glass…)


  • Bullet, vandalism and burglary resistant, fully compliant with industry standards (EN 1063, EN 356)
  • Several detection devices available
  • Outside surveillance


  • Government buildings
  • Airports


  • Sensitive sites : industrial sites, data centres, banks…

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