International Customer Service

Our international customer service team can be reached via the global e-mail address Giving you the possibility to use one unique mailbox common to the whole team will enable us to provide faster and more accurate replies to your requests, even in the case of the absence of your usual contact person. Behind this e-mail address, 4 people are working to ensure the best possible service:

Djamel Mazi:                   

Djamel joined Automatic Systems in April 2017 and speaks French, Spanish, Italian and English. Located at the head office in Wavre, he is the preferred contact person for Latin America, Southern Europe, Middle East and English-speaking Africa.


Aurélie Abbeels:

Aurélie joined the team in January 2018 and speaks French, English and German. Located in Wavre, she is the preferred contact person for Central and Eastern Europe as well as for North Africa.


Denisa Qin:       

Denisa has been working for Automatic Systems since 2012 and speaks Mandarin Chinese and English. Located in Shanghai, she is the preferred contact person for Asia and Australia.


Adrienne Hugon:           

Adrienne joined Automatic Systems in 2011 and is in charge of the team. She speaks French, English and Italian. She is located at the head office in Wavre. Adrienne is the preferred contact person for Turkey and is also Sales Manager for the Italian market.


We invite you to send all your order-related questions and new orders directly to our common mailbox You may also send us your requests for spare parts quotations.

For technical questions, please contact our helpdesk team via the email address

For sales-related questions, and quotations for complete sets of equipment, we invite you to contact your Sales Manager.


We remain at your service for any further information

Aurélie, Denisa, Djamel & Adrienne


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