Automatic Systems launches the next generation of its SmartLane on the access control market

Wavre, 29 June 2021 – Automatic Systems, a world leader in the automation of secure access control for pedestrians and vehicles, is releasing the next generation of its SmartLane speed gate. Its new design takes up the latest stylistic and architectural trends, while its high detection capacities further improve throughput. The user experience has also been overhauled by bringing in dynamic lighting for its signage.

The new SmartLane speedgate is based on the core features that have made its predecessor so successful for over 10 years. The iconic and easily recognisable style of the SmartLane has been updated to reflect the latest architectural trends. With a wide range of applications, SmartLane is particularly suitable for securing entrances to offices, banks, public institutions, data centres, sensitive sites, schools and universities.

The high capacity and robustness that is part and parcel of the SmartLane DNA have been retained, offering high performance with throughput of up to 60 people per minute and a fast opening time of only 0.3 seconds. With 12mm-thick tempered glass obstacles and a height of up to 2000mm, this extremely robust structure offers a walkway of 600mm or 900mm for disable person or service access, depending on the chosen configuration. And its service life is almost limitless, with no fewer than 10 million MCBFs (Mean Cycle Before Failure).

The level of detection performance, meanwhile, has been optimised with the integration of DIRAS™ (Automatic Systems Infrared Detection) technology featuring up to 135 cross-beams. The DIRAS™ system offers the best-in-class detection level on the market today. Its closely spaced infrared cross-beams track the progress of pedestrians in the lane, which are coupled with dynamic and predictive algorithms (size, position, direction) that ensure optimal fraud detection with unmatched accuracy. The doubled DIRAS™ cell system in the lower part of the lane also allows the detection of children, trolleys, caddies, etc. And for even greater user protection, this new model complies with, or even anticipates, the latest CE standards in terms of impact forces and the risks of entrapment.

Several configurations are available, with or without extensions, open or closed; allowing the integration of identification systems such as biometric readers, QR codes, or badge readers. Moreover, the SmartLane is available with a broad variety of finishes, ranging from stainless steel to painted steel, bronze or gold to secure the most flamboyant lobbies.

Also from a design perspective, the new SmartLane now incorporates dynamic lighting technology with its intuitive vertical LED signals, guiding users according to the accessibility of the corridor for an optimal user experience.

As with the other Automatic Systems pedestrian products, the SmartLane also comes with a direct and secure connection to the SmartTouch and Smart&Slim monitoring panels. What’s more, its low energy consumption also contributes to better environmental efficiency.

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