Partners for over 30 years

GESIG values the durability of our barriers and security gates

GESIG Gesellschaft für Signalanlagen Gesellschaft m.b.H. has been a partner of Automatic Systems in Austria for over 30 years. GESIG is part of a private Austrian group of companies and it employs a total of over 650 people. Its main focus is on products, systems and services for safety and security in the transport of objects, people and valuables.

Automatic Systems is GESIG’s main supplier in the field of barriers and pedestrian flow control. “We use almost all types of the electro-mechanical barriers supplied by Automatic Systems with our customers. We reach a total of around 250 units a year. In the field of security gates there was previously a preference for the PNG in Austria, and more recently the SlimLane”, Karl Haupt, Head of the Security Engineering department at GESIG Gesellschaft für Signalanlagen Gesellschaft m.b.H., explains. He reflects personally on cooperation which has already lasted ten years and adds that the products are extremely durable and only have to be replaced every 25-30 years on average. The long-life technology is of course dependent on regular maintenance and GESIG carries this out. Positive experiences have led to customers repeatedly putting their faith in the company and its tried-and-tested security solutions. “I can recommend Automatic Systems products to my customers with complete confidence. The price-performance ratio is excellent and the solutions are ideal for industrial use and in major corporations”, Haupt concludes.


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