For Rising Barriers

Choose from our range of options and accessories to customise the design, safety level and control of your Rising Barriers

Security and Safety

  • Electro-magnetic tip support to maintain arm horizontal even in the event of impacts for extra security
  • Rigid folding skirt under the arm (available in aluminium or PVC)
  • Folding fence provides deterrent passage control for pedestrians and vehicles (available in aluminium or PVC)
  • Tip support resistent to vandalism preventing any attempt to manually raise arm
  • Anti-vandalism pack to prevent forced opening of barriers’ doors and covers
  • Other options: boom sensor, bolt cap, crests

Aesthetics and Customisation

  • Folding arm suited to environments with lower ceilings, such as underground parkings
  • Carbon fiber arm for greater reistance to impacts
  • Arm swing-off device for automatic repositioning of the arm to its initial position in case of vehicle impact
  • Folding tip support
  • Analogue sensor for boom movement management
  • Boom lighting (LED) for enhanced visibility and security


  • Traffic lights (LED) on a post or housing
  • Heating enabling the barrier to operate at very low temperatures
  • “STOP” traffic sign
  • Raised base ideal when barrier is not fixed in a concrete base to reduce risks of corrosion
  • Other RAL colours available for better integration of barrier into a corporate environment

Control and Command

  • Push botton(s) box, selector dial or switch to control opening, closing and stopping of the barrier
  • Radio transmitter/receiver to monitor opening, closing and stopping of the barrier
  • Inductive loops for cars and trucks detection
  • Presence detector
  • Photo electric cell for vehicles and pedestrians detection


  • Key switch on housing to lock barrier in closed or open position
  • Extension cards
  • BOR235 matching the housing, to incorporate access control systems (card reader etc…)
  • PST matching the housing, to incorporate access control systems (card reader etc…).