For SlimLane

Choose from our range of options and accessories to customise the design, safety level and control of your SlimLane.

Security & Safety

  • ‘EGRESS’ operating mode: obstacles open in the direction of egress by a simple push
  • Battery backup for automatic opening in case of power failure, with mechanism to lock obstacles in the direction of egress
  • Clear tempered glass side panels wiith reinforced electronic detection provided in the user safety zone for ease of passage even with luggage or trolleys.

Aesthetics options

  • Customisable handrail cover perfectly harmonising with your architectural style
  • Customised glass obstacle with pattern or logo
  • Clear tempered glass side panels

Technical options

  • Ramp, for quick, efficient and cost-effective installation without damaging the floor of the building
  • Fixing frame

Command options

  • Smooth integration of user authentication systems
  • Smart n’ Slim Monitoring Panel to remotely manage your SlimLane security
    entrance lanes and SL 932 swing gates


SlimLane EP

  • SlimLane 940SC, 944SC, 945SC and 950SC are available with an end-post extension (EP) allowing for the integration of larger components such as
    token acceptors, card and barcode readers and lift destination control
    devices. The end-post extension can be installed on entry and/or exit
  • SlimLane EP is ideally suited to hotels or multi-tenant buildings sharing the
    same reception resources.

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