Choose from our selection of options and accessories to customise the design, security and safety level and fit your specific functional requirements and environment.

Security options

  • Canopy to improve weather protection and securely block any climbing attempts

Safety options

  • Key-operated release for mechanical unlocking of the obstacle in the event of an emergency
  • Heel guards for additional user protection
  • Light sensitive switch for the control of the integrated lighting

Aesthetic options

  • Rotating arms made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Housing customisation to perfectly match the surrounding architectural style: according to RAL

Technical adaptation options

  • Logic board to expand operating modes, easily adjustable through a user-friendly interface, and perfectly match your functional requirements
  • 120 V 60 Hz power supply that ensures optimum adaptation to your environment
  • Heating for a perfect functioning in the stringent environments
  • Fixing frame to be embedded in the concrete for ease of installation

Control and command

  • Reader support for easy and harmonious integration of user authentication devices
  • Desktop pushbutton control panel to remotely manage your TRS 370/TRS 371/TRS 372 full-height turnstiles

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