Smart Touch Monitoring Panel

The Smart Touch offers a simple, elegant solution for managing one or two access control equipment areas remotely, via an Ethernet network.

It comes as a 10’ touchscreen panel PC, offering several viewing options for a clear image of your facility. The Smart Touch interface lets you monitor one or two areas remotely, with up to 10 corridors per area.

Smart Touch allows you to:

  • Add or delete equipment.
  • Choose an operating mode in both directions of traffic.
  • Authorise access for one or two users via a specific piece of equipment.
  • Switch to evacuation mode for the whole site.
  • View alarms and technical faults.

Access to this application is locked and requires a username and password, with two levels of access depending on the type of user (administrator or operator), offering different functions.

Main features

Power supply

5V/DC with a standard single phase adaptor, 100-240 V/AC, 50-60 Hz

Communication interface


Software languages available

French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian


10 inches, colour, touchscreen

Type of equipment

SlimLane, FirstLane, TriLane and AccessLane

External dimensions

Width 276mm / Height 260mm / Depth 131mm

Downloads :

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