Smart n’ Slim Monitoring Panel

A true center for supervision, the Smart n’ Slim controls your Security Entrance Lanes, regardless of where the units are installed.

Its main benefits are :

  • Real time visualization of all on-site operations
  • Settings can be customized according to the needs of site administrators
  • Superior visitor access management


  • Passage flow optimization in relation to usage periods
  • Rapid response time for troubleshooting/maintenance. Increased service time

Its main features are :

  • Intuitive interface offering real-time viewing and the ability to control and consult your security entrance lanes
  • Different access levels of users (operators and supervisor)
  • Ethernet connectivity


  • English or French-language operating modes
  • Compatible with SmartLane, SlimLane Security Entrance Lanes and SL 93x with IP option Swing Gates


General specifications

Max number of lanes managed

Up to 12 arrays of 12 lanes (144 lanes)

Type of equipment managed

SmartLane 9xx models (optional IP interface required): SL 900, SL 901, SL 902, SL 910, SL 911, SL 912
SlimLane 9xx models: SlimLane 940, SlimLane 950, SlimLane 944, SlimLane 945 Twin
SL 93x with IP option models: SL 935, SL 936, SL 937


Controller/gate interface


Program languages

English / French

Input power

Single phase 100 – 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Operating temperature

0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)

Basic finishes

Enclosure made of black plastic



Program features


  • All lanes of the building and their status (operating, out-of-service, maintenance)
  • Specific lane and its status
  • Alarms (intrusion, fraud) and technical errors
  • Operating modes (free, controlled, locked) for each lane


  • Management of visitor access (open for one or more visitors)
  • Configuration of the operating modes (free, controlled, locked) according to user’s needs or schedule (morning, evening, peak hours,…)
  • Emergency opening
  • Management of user profiles


  • Alarm history, technical errors and events
  • Counters
  • Usage statistics

Downloads :

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